Located In New Town, ND and servicing the Fort Berthold Reservation, Agility Resources offers extensive services to oil and gas industry. Our team specializes in helping companies maintain efficiency and a impactable  performance rating when it comes to transportation services, site management, and maintenance.

Agility Resources has built relationships with industry experts and has experienced knowledge of the value of strategic operations. When you partner with Agility, you not only get a team with experience in the industry but also a trusted business partner that is reliable and knowledgeable. Agility Resources is committed to creating optimal solutions for your specific needs.

Integrity. Efficiency. Performance. This is Agility.

Agility Resources works directly with ISNetworld and PEC Safety


Integrity. Efficiency. Performance.

We care about our clients. This is our commitment to you.

SustainabilityPerformanceEfficiencyIntegrityis our benchmark.